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The service item

Proposal design and manufacturing, systematic and complete division of labor

Optimize time costs and interpret excellent solutions

Design assessment

Consistent service system, from an engineering point of view to consider process limitations and characteristics, design suitable for the development and manufacture of products, for you to avoid production obstacles timely delay, save unnecessary costs and expenses.


With professional and technical expertise and rich mold development experience, supplemented by computerized mold flow analysis and the best number of modules configuration, shorten the development of redundancy, up to production cost optimization.

Hardware stamping

By professional training and technical personnel strict operation, with precision measurement instruments to control production quality, is committed to providing high yield, high efficiency of customized products, to the economic benefits of excellent.

Mold design

Precision milling machine processing equipment, supplemented by customer-made production capacity, to achieve high-efficiency, highly competitive mass production goals.

Surface treatment

Continuous innovation technology process, strict control of process quality, combined with aesthetics, to provide a variety of surface treatment, promote product competitiveness, enhance customer brand image.


Enterprise-leading stage process, equipment and material control, optimize transpose conditions, provide delicate special pattern bite flowers, the ultimate display of beautiful color texture.