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Corporate Governance


Cai Xiangfeng

Master of Computer Information Science, University of Florida, Chairman of Jinming Industrial Co., Ltd

Vice Chairman

Jane Howting

Bachelor of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia, Canada, Vice Chairman of Jinming Industrial Co., Ltd


Cai Jincai

Honorary Director of Jinming Industrial Co., Ltd. and Director of Kunshan Jincheng Electronics Co., Ltd


Yang Yuanqing

Finance Director, Department of Finance and Finance, Tanjiang University, Jinming Industrial Co., Ltd

Independent Director

Wu Junyi

General Manager, Department of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medical College of Hong Kong, Yi Media Holdings Co., Ltd

Independent Director

Huang Yuxuan

National Taiwan University Master’s degree in Finance and Finance Group, Xinmai Enterprise Co., Ltd. Chief Financial Officer

Independent Director

Chen Wenshan

Master’s degree in Accounting, Department of Management, Tanjiang University, associate with Yunyang Joint Accounting Firm