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Audit room organization

Corporate governance

The audit office is responsible for assessing the effectiveness of the internal control system and measuring the efficiency of operations, providing timely recommendations for improvement to ensure the continued and effective implementation of the internal control system and assisting the Board and management to fulfil their responsibilities. The audit office organization is under the board of directors, and the organization chart is prepared, and the supervisor and the commissioner under its jurisdiction are set up. The office is an independent full-time internal audit, carry out regular and irregular business audit, financial audit and other work, in order to truly assess the integrity, rationality and effectiveness of internal control system compliance.

The head of audit

  • The Company’s internal control system and internal audit system to promote, order, repair and implementation.

  • The establishment, revision and implementation of the Internal Audit Regulations of the Company and its subsidiaries.

  • The company and subsidiaries audit plan planning, audit procedures, audit report of the chen audit and online declaration.

  • The Company self-inspects its own plans, implements, reviews, improves tracking and online filing.

  • The company’s internal control declaration matters and online declaration.

  • Assess and recommend improvements based on the company’s established systems, regulatory approaches, plans and policy implementation.